[G]reen [I]t [Y]ourself : Holiday Edition

Hello! Welcome to the Live Green! blog: All Things Green. Check out our blog for cool happenings with all things sustainable.

Since the holidays are upon us, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to spicing up your holiday decor in an eco-friendly way. From gifts to decorations, get easy-to-follow directions on how to GIY (Green It Yourself) this holiday season!

Ornament Wreath:


What you’ll need:

  • Old ornaments (50-70)
  • Wire hanger
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon for bow (optional)

Directions:ornament steps

  1. Shape wire hanger to look similar to a circle (doesn’t have to be perfect).
  2. IMPORTANT: Secure the metal hook to the ornament with hot glue.
  3. Thread ornaments onto the hanger.
  4. When you have put all the ornaments you want, twist the top of the hanger and close it. Secure bow with a bread tie or tape.

Revamped Ornaments


What you’ll need:

  • Old ornaments
  • Twine, yarn, or ribbon
  • Hot glue


  1. At the top of your ornament, start
    creating a path of glue with the hot glue gun.
  2. Start wrapping the twine/yarn/ribbon on the top of the hot glue path.
  3. Continue creating a hot glue pat and following on top of it with the twine, yarn, or ribbon.
  4. Thread ribbon through the top hook and you’re done!


All Natural Ornaments


What you’ll need:

  • Pinecones
  • Ribbon, yarn, or twine


  1. Secure a bow on top of the pinecone with hot glue, or tie yarn/twine around the top and string from your tree!

Can-Do Holiday Gifts


What you’ll need:

  • Any size of can (15 oz works well)
  • Fabric (cut up old flannels or other Christmas-colored fabrics)
  • Hot glue
  • Wire or ribbon
  • Nail and hammer or drill


  1. Take labels off of the cans.
  2. Drill a hole on both sides of the can.
  3. Cover your fabric of choice with glue and wrap around  the can (have fabric overlap so the can doesn’t show at all).
  4. Thread the wire or ribbon through. If you use wire, twist end.  If you use ribbon, tie in a knot or bow.
  5. Fill with organic/fair trade goodies to share with your friends!

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