Green Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that elicits dread in some, happiness in others, anger in a few, and panic in many.  With all of this worrying about what you’ll do on the most lovey-dovey holiday of the year, it can be easy to forget about keeping your celebration sustainable!

Send a Paperless Card! 

Don’t waste paper by sending a paper Valentine that will get lost in the shuffle, send an e-card! You can brighten your loved one’s day by dropping them an unexpected note online. There are also some e-cards, like the ones from the National Resources Defense Council that donate money to charities as well!  Or pick a unique card that will keep on giving by selecting a card that can be planted! 

Think Before You Buy Your Flowers 

While it is tempting to go the traditional Valentine’s Day route of buying flowers, think sustainably! Make sure you look at where you are purchasing your flowers if you do buy them. If you receive a glorious bouquet, don’t toss it in the garbage! Try drying your flowers as a memento that will last much longer!

Escape the Crowds 

Valentine’s Day is a busy day for dates at restaurants. Escape the crowd by making dinner at your own home. Put a little local love in your meal by incorporating local and seasonal produce! Use this link to find local restaurants and where to buy local foods!

Make Sure Your Sweet Tooth Keeps Sweet 

Keep your feelings of love flowing by thinking about where the chocolate comes from that you want to buy. Many large companies focus on cocoa sustainability in the products they sell, so look to buy locally and see if any Ames’ stores have products that support cocoa sustainability!

Think Green and Save Some Green! 

Remember to be economically sustainable when making your Valentine’s Day plans. Be financially responsible and don’t stretch your budget on gifts that will be forgotten in a month. Plan an experience around campus or participate in any of Iowa State’s activities to spend time together without spending a lot of money. Consider giving a gift that keeps on giving!

You and your significant other could volunteer together. Whether it’s at a food pantry or animal shelter, demonstrate social sustainability and share the love!

Remember there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day by being socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable! A sustainable Valentine’s Day is sure to be one that is long lasting in memories! For more Valentine’s Day ideas, be sure to check out our latest newsletter!

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