Keep Your Dorm Room Sustainable Over Break!

Are you leaving your dorm room? Whether it’s a weekend mini-vacation or a tropical week-long getaway remember to do a few things to save energy and keep your room sustainable while you’re away!

  • Close and lock your windows. Don’t make your thermostat work in overdrive while you’re gone, even if you think the weather might be nice while you’re away.
  • Remove the trash from your room and recycle what you can! Don’t have your room smell of whatever you ate last Thursday (those smells can attract vermin)!
  • Unplug everything you can! Remember to unplug your alarm clock (those loud beeping noises might distress your neighbor), your printer, your power strip bars, your desk lights, your coffee maker­­­­­­­­—anything that you won’t be using while you’re away can be unplugged. Remember that even when you aren’t using something, it still uses power.
  • Remember to think about your plants and your pets! Make sure they have enough food and water before you leave.
  • Make sure you look at your building’s thermostat settings before you leave. Most buildings require you to leave the thermostat at a medium heat so pipes don’t freeze.
  • Report any problems, such as leaky faucets, to maintenance so they can be taken care of over break

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