Sustainapalooza- Guest Post!

The Green Umbrella has been working very hard these past few months to put together a fabulous event, Sustainapalooza.

It showcases and celebrates the great sustainable efforts and projects around Iowa State University; presents a lecture and symposium sessions on how concern for the environment is world wide; and finally offers hands-on, interactive Green It Yourself Centers that have tangible, take-home ways to protect the planet we live on.

Sustainapalooza will let you relax and enjoy yourself amongst great food, friendly people, and some information you may have not known before. It will teach you something you didn’t know you found interesting. But most importantly, it will leave you with a lasting idea of “I have the power to improve my home, my planet, and me”.
Take some time today to explore what our event is all about. It will leave you with a feeling of empowerment, and a zest for protecting the ground upon which you and your neighbor walk.

 Written by Alex Gustafson, The Green Umbrella Co-President

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