13 Easy Changes to Green Any Holiday Celebration

Green In the Celebration

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, this time of year is full of celebration. Keep sustainability in mind throughout your holiday season by greening your gala!

1. Healthier You, Healthier Holidays

  • Remember social sustainability during the holidays!
  • Think about what you eat! Even though it’s easy to indulge, try smaller meals throughout the day. You’ll eat less and feel more full.
  • Feel good throughout the holidays by remembering to exercise. Bring the party outside by taking a walk with your gala-goers as an activity or make things more exciting by having your guests go on an active scavenger hunt.

2. Kick It Down A Notch

  • Save yourself some cash by unplugging your devices before going on vacation.
  • Keep some green in your pocket over the holidays by turning down your thermostat while you’re away. Warm yourself up by adding some extra layers, by exercising, or by running your ceiling fan in reverse.
  • When you buy your holiday lights, choose energy efficient LEDs. Keep your energy efficient decorations bright on a timer so they’ll only be on when people are around to enjoy them!

3. Give Outside of Your Typical Holiday Shopping List

  • Donate your time to others this season.
  • Organizations and charities are always looking for help, especially during this time of year. Try looking at the Volunteer Center of Story County website to find volunteer opportunities in Ames.
  • Assist other in celebrating the season by donating food to local food shelters such as Food at First or The SHOP, which is right on campus. You can help those in need have a fantastic holiday meal!

Get Festive

Celebrate the season in a sustainable style! Use these green tips and tricks to “green in” the holidays!

4. Tone Down The Tinsel

  • Instead of going out and buying new decorations for your soiree, try swapping for some pre-loved decorations. Ask around or try hosting a decoration swap.

5. You Can Recycle That!

  • Holiday parties tend to make a lot of waste. Consider the environment and make your celebrations green by making a large designated recycling bin so your guests can recycle instead of tossing things out.

6. A Renewed Outfit

  • Getting new clothes for your celebrations can be a high priority. Instead of buying a completely new outfit, try swapping with some friends. You’ll get the gift of a new outfit and you’ll be preventing waste too!

7. Become an Upcycle Expert

8. Not Just Leftovers

  • Keep the holiday going by packing up your leftovers. You can even give out takeaway containers as party favors for your guests to box up the food and treats.

Give Forward

Stay green by thinking before you gift. Read our tips for more information about how to give consciously.

9. Give a Gift That Will Keep On Giving

  • Make a donation to a loved one’s favorite charity, group, or organization. A little bit can go a long way and your contribution can help the charity continue to grow.

10. Give a Healthy Gift

  • Instead of a traditional gift, try giving a gift that will keep on giving! Cooking expert? Teach someone how to make a healthy meal. Bicycle master? Invite your buddy out for a nice bike ride on a trail they’ve never seen before. Fashionista? Offer to refresh a friend’s wardrobe by showing them outfit possibilities they haven’t seen before.

11. Give a Gift Of a Memory

  • Hold your memories close and reminisce year-round by creating a gift out of a memory. Frame images from calendars or create a memory board from photographs and images from recycled magazines.

12. Present Your Presents

13. Shop For A Cause

  • Instead of just buying a gift for your loved one, buy a gift for your community too! Support your community by shopping locally. You can also buy your gifts at stores with a mission to help other causes.

Featured Image: giftfantasia.com.


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