Shopping for a Deeper Cause: Nice-Cycling

Holiday season is rapidly coming upon us and ‘tis the season of giving and decorating. While it’s easy to purchase new goods for the holidays, why not take a little time and give deeper?

Nice-cycling is a new term with a long history that, in a nutshell, allows a purchaser to give new life to well-loved good, and gives deeper by spreading good in the community as well. When purchasing items for your holiday celebrations you can be extra nice by taking part in this amazing new trend!

A great place to start in Iowa is Goodwill. Not only does the store offer the opportunity to give new life to old items, but spreads good in the community by providing job training and employment to those in need. Goodwill’s busiest season is Halloween but with ugly sweater season starting soon you can still make fun holiday purchases there!

Another place where you can nice-cycle in Ames is Random Goods. Their store is full of delightful pre-loved goods seeking a new home. There is also a special sale section at Random Goods, the proceeds of which go to support a local charity.

There are several other places you can shop during the season where you can spread the “nice,” even if you might not be purchasing pre-loved items. For example, when buying food for your holiday celebrations, why not choose a place that helps you give a little deeper by supporting the community as well.

Iowa-based Hy-Vee is a great option if you want your dollar to go a little farther in the community. Through Hy-Vee’s One Step Program, items including russet potatoes, shredded wheat, paper towels, and water bottles, all go to support greater charities including community gardens, meals to those in need, tree planting, and wells.

Wheatsfield Co-op in Ames is another place where you can shop for good. Wheatsfield offers a monthly-designated co-op nickel for every reusable bag that is used. The nickel can be donated to a local charity or community initiative that supports sustainability. Wheatsfield has been able to vgive over $4,000 to the community and supported the Ames community gardens at Kate Mitchell Elementary School as one of the community initiatives.

With holidays, also comes travel. Next time you have to fuel up consider another Iowa-based company that helps spread the “nice”. Kum & Go. Annually, Kum & Go donates 10% of its profits to charities including over $400,000 to support Habitat for Humanity.

To give deeper with a global reach, buy your gifts and decorations at Worldly Goods. Worldly Goods offers a diversity of fair trade and hand-crafted items with sales directly benefiting the artisans who made the goods!

This holiday season take the opportunity to let your purchase “keep giving”. These are just a few examples of the nice-cycling and give back/pay forward opportunities that are available. For some really unique and creative nice-cycling check out these “give deeper” options and look for other “deeper and nicer” opportunities in your community and neighborhood.

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