Maximize Your Life With Gas Savings

The recent decrease in gas prices has been enjoyable for many reasons. Your wallet might feel a little fuller. You might feel compelled to take the road trip you’ve always been talking about. While these advantages are great, you can still make sustainability-fueled choices.

Road Trip For The Greater Good

Goals of traveling and seeing new places can be more achievable with lowered gas prices. Don’t forget about your carbon footprint during your travels. Before you take a trip, consider the impact you’re making. Use a carbon footprint calculator before you make your travel decisions.

If you do want to travel farther than you normally would, think about spending your dollars sustainably by keeping your money inside your travel destination. When planning your trip, check the local chamber of commerce website and find local businesses to support. When you support local businesses with your money, you can help grow the community as your dollar is more likely to stay in the community.

Consider making a road trip that can make an even deeper impact by researching possible volunteer opportunities. You will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the community you’re visiting and you could even discover local hotspots and hidden gems by talking to your fellow local volunteers. You’ll also be able to enjoy your vacation by helping make someone’s life a little better.

Support social sustainability by visiting a museum, zoo, or garden. Visits to community centers can spark knowledge and learning and can even inspire new and great ideas. Your money will help support these cultural venues and can allow them to grow so the next time you visit the exhibits are even better. If you don’t feel like traveling a long ways to visit museums or zoos, consider buying a membership to the venues in your own community. You can strengthen your local economy and enjoy the exhibits year-round.

Use your road trip to connect with a friend or family member you haven’t been able to see in a while. There aren’t any excuses now! Visit your loved ones and explore a new city at the same time. Have them act as your tour guide and encourage them to show you the local hot spots, zoos, museums, and local restaurants you can’t get anywhere else!

Don’t Forget Your Wallet

While it could be tempting to use your gas savings to buy something fun, think about pocketing the extra money. The average American will save $750 per year with these decreased prices. This significant amount could make a deeper dent in paying off student loans, buying a big-purchase item, or building a financial nest egg.

If you do want to spend the money you’re saving, try making sustainable upgrades that you might not normally be able to make. With lowered gas prices, people are driving more and purchasing fewer gas-efficient vehicles. You can help decrease this impact by reducing your own carbon footprint. With savings in gas, try upgrading your fixtures so they are more energy efficient. Buy LED or CFL lightbulbs with your money, or if you do decide to purchase a new appliance, look at the Energy Star rating.

Put your savings towards a good cause by making a donation with your extra money. It can be really difficult for students to justify donating money. Now is the perfect time to take your savings and support a cause you’re passionate about. Even a little bit of money can go a long way in sustaining your favorite organization.

While the lower gas prices may have you itching to travel or eager to buy new goodies, consider your sustainable impact! Remember your wallet, the environment, and think to the future with the extra savings.


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