Sustainapalooza 2015 Recap


Sustainapalooza is an event hosted by The Green Umbrella in conjunction with The Live Green! Initiative. This event is to celebrate the sustainable things that people are doing on the Iowa State campus, as well as to raise awareness of sustainability and share opportunities on campus and in the Ames community. This was done through a variety of components, including Green-It Yourself Centers, poster session, display of sustainable artwork, the green wall, making pledges, a photo booth, local refreshments, and walking the green carpet.

All aspects of Sustainapalooza 2015 were a success! Everything was enjoyed, from the ice cream bike all the way to the poster sessions.

The six “Green-It-Yourself” Centers were successful in presenting various crafty, healthy, and outdoorsy aspects of the three principles of sustainability, which are economic, environmental, and social.

“Leave No Trace” Survival
JAX Outdoors, and outdoor clothing and gear company that originally started as a military surplus store, had a representative named Morgan Dowdall at Sustainapalooza that did a water filtration demonstration using a water filtration device that you can purchase from their store, as well as one that you can make using the materials you would find when you are backpacking. They also brought along a variety of clothing items to educate the guests on layering appropriately when backpacking or camping. The overall theme of this Green-It-Yourself center was “Leave No Trace,” which is a set of outdoor ethics promoting conservation in the outdoors.

Upcycling for Raising Readers
Posters were collected from Iowa State Athletics Department from past sports seasons to be made into folders and bookmarks! One size of the poster made one folder and two bookmarks and the other size of the poster made two folders and one bookmark. The items will be donated to the Raising Readers Program in Story County, which is a organization dedicated to improving language and literacy development in children and to nurture healthy parent-child relationships. The Green Umbrella Club plans on doing a service project at the Ames Public Library where students can come in and decorate the bookmarks that were pre-cut for them.

Upcycling for ISU Dance Marathon & Iowa Children’s Miracle Network
T-shirts collected from the ISU Dance Marathon were upcycled into beautiful hats that could be donated back to Dance Marathon who would then pass them on to the Iowa Children’s Miracle Network. These hats had an embellishment on the front and a tied together portion of t-shirt at the top for the patients to wear. The students were able to learn the process from Iowa DNR’s Iowa Waste Exchange representative Shelene Codner. They participated in making the embellishment and tie the top of the hat. The t-shirts that were not made into hats will be a part of Earth Month Celebration on campus and will be a service project for on-campus students to take part in.

Natural Air Fresheners
Pinecones were collected by The Green Umbrella members to be made into natural air fresheners. Homemade cinnamon oil and ground cinnamon were added to the pine cones in a baggie and were taken home by each participant to sit for a five days in the bag. After the five days, the guests could take the pinecones out of the bag and attach a string or place the pinecones in a jar to have a great smelling freshener for their car, residence hall, or apartment!

Homemade Lip Balm + Recycled Soda Bottle Containers
Soda bottles were collected, cut to size, and glued before-hand so that the guests could decorate their lip balm container. The lip balm was also prepared before-hand using local beeswax and some natural oils. The guests got to embellish their lip balm containers while learning about how to make natural lip balm by Iowa State Memorial Union Workspace staff. The containers are re-fillable and can be stored in any small space!

Green Your Plate
ISU Dining Dietician Lisa Nolting and student assistants came to share their knowledge on sustainable snacking. They shared samples of various ingredients that you could put together to make a healthy, inexpensive, and easily prepared trail mix. These ingredients can be a variety of foods from your cabinets, including soy nuts, dark chocolate, banana chips, sunflower seeds, and many more items! If you do purchase the items for your trail mix, do your best to find it a local market so that you are being sustainable.

Pedal-powered ice cream
There are a lot of bike-powered things out there, but nothing like this component of Sustainapalooza! An old bike was made stationary. The chain is used to crank the paddle on the ice cream maker. The bike itself was sustainable, as well as the ice cream mix (purchased from the local AE Dairy). The ice cream that was produced was topped with a local berry cobbler to make the perfect treat to enjoy as dessert for the evening.

Food for the evening was prepared by ISU Dining Catering staff. On the menu was something sweet, something savory, and something salty. All of the food was served on compostable dinner wear with compostable utensils, which made it a zero waste event! There were even quite a few local ingredients included in the mix, too! The refreshments were centered on health, sustainability, and zero waste.

Green Wall
While everyone enjoyed food and refreshments of all tastes, participants also wrote their previous year’s dedication to sustainability on a leaf to be put onto the green wall. Participants also made their 2015 dedication to sustainability on a 5 foot tall thumbprint!

Green Carpet
As participants entered Sustainapalooza, they walked over a large platform of cardinal, green, and gold with various students excited about their arrival. With information all around them as they walk down, students learned more about the event as well as various “did you knows” about sustainable efforts all around the world.

Poster Session
As part of Sustainapalooza and the Symposium on Sustainability, many people within the university as well as the community submitted posters to be displayed during the events. The posters represented detailed and well researched documents as well as various programs involving sustainability and even classes at Iowa State with a purpose. The poster sessions had a large turnout with the food right next by and allowing participants to have something to look at!

Sustainable Artwork
A few students who were a part of the Art 355 and Art 555 Relief Printmaking course taught by April Katz brought their designs to display as part of the poster session for the event. The designs displayed an environment for viewers to enter. The design pieces included multiple printings of their blocks, collages, and even mixed media approaches. The creation of the pieces was even a waste-free project!

Green Your Plate Green-It-Yourself Center

Air Freshener Green-It-Yourself Center

Upcycling Folder Green-It-Yourself Center

Upclycling Hats Green-It-Yourself Center

Lip Balm Containers Green-It-Yourself Center

Homemade Lip Balm Green-It-Yourself Center


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