‘Tis the Season for Sustainable Holiday Crafts

The Live Green! team will be rolling out a new DIY series in the next couple of weeks! We’re using a slightly experimental format that reads more like a conversation because we wanted to keep the tone light and fun while also including information that goes beyond a typical DIY post. Let us know your thoughts on this new format in the comments below!

Laurelin: Last Thursday, the Live Green! team got together and made crafts for the MU display.

Madi: Right, and we’re crafting to show people how to be sustainable for the holiday season.

Laurelin: I’m not crafty at all, but I got so into crafting. I was there for three and a half hours straight, but I had so much fun because we listened to music and we ate chocolate. We were using our hands instead of our brains, which is kind of nice since it’s also finals season.

Madi: Yeah, definitely.  I was worried going into it that I wouldn’t be able to do the crafts, but everything was pretty easy to do and turned out really well!

Laurelin: I guess this might sound a little cliche, but it kind of felt like the Live Green! team came together as a family.

Madi: It was a bonding moment, yeah.

The Live Green! team’s awkward family holiday photo

Laurelin: And that gave me an idea, because during the holiday season – like this past Thanksgiving for example – my family and I were together and we’d all come home for the holidays, but we spent the entire break watching TV in the living room while each of us were on our own devices. So we were together, but we didn’t really have any meaningful family time.

Madi: It’s funny you bring that up, because that’s normally how my family is, too. But for Thanksgiving, we all made an effort to put our phones down and play a game with each other. And this year for Christmas, we’re going to try to do something similar to that.

Usually we do a basket exchange – we buy presents and exchange them with people. But this year, we decided to not buy presents, and instead we’re going to have different stations with different things to do. One station is going to potentially be a crafting area, another is going to be a game area –

Laurelin: Wait, seriously?

Madi: Yeah, seriously! We actually started talking about this through a huge family group text. And my family’s also really musical, so maybe we will do a music station, too. What about you?

Laurelin: I have two sisters who are both really artsy, so I think they would jump on a crafting night. But being home this holiday season, I’m really excited to relax, for one, and also spend more time with my family. And I think introducing things like crafting nights is a fun way to stay together.

Madi: Yeah, and then you have cute little decorations that come out of it.

Laurelin: Exactly. So, to wrap things up, today we’re going to share with you an easy –

Madi: Very, very, very easy –

Laurelin: Tutorial on how to make a pinecone fairy. And if you think that your family could spend some time crafting this holiday season, then check it out and see if it works for you!


  • Pinecones (all sizes and shapes)
  • Large beads
  • Acorn caps
  • Hard paper
  • Leaf stencil
  • Shredded ribbon (or string)
  • Markers
  • Hot glue gun
  1. Glue the bead onto the top of the acorn.

2. Glue the shredded ribbon onto the head.

3. Glue the acorn cap on top of the hair.

4. Trace and cut out a leaf shape. We cut the leaf in half to make two symmetrical wings.  After your cut the wings, glue them onto the back of the acorn.

5. Draw two eyes, and a smile!

Your pinecone fairy is now complete!


For more ideas on how to get crafty this holiday season, visit our Season’s GREENings Pinterest page!  

DIY Inspiration: Willodel.com
Authors: Laurelin Haas and Madisun VanGundy, Live Green! Campus and Community Engagement Interns
Images: Laurelin Haas

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