I Pledge to be Sustainable

Madi: Hello everyone!  Laurelin and I are back with one final blog post for you all!

Laurelin: The year has sadly come to an end and while I won’t miss the stress of finals and classes, I’m definitely going to miss working as a Live Green! intern.

Madi: To wrap things up and bring the blog full circle, Laurelin and I wanted our final post to be a reflection on what we learned about sustainability.

Laurelin: We also wanted to highlight the many ways ISU students have pledged to live sustainably throughout the school year.

Madi: So we hope you enjoy this quick post, and thank you so much for your interest in ISU Live Green! and sustainability!

Sustainability Pledges

At each of our events this year, we asked all of our attendees to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through some sort of prompt and pledge wall. This activity empowers students, staff, and faculty members to think critically about sustainability and how they can make an impact on the environment through changes (large or small) in their lifestyle!

At National Campus Sustainability Day in the fall and Earth Day in the spring, attendees wrote their pledges on our trifold chalkboard.

At Sustainapalooza, attendees wrote their pledge on a large pledge wall!  This past year, we challenged attendees to think critically about the different facets of sustainability. We created large graphics and prompts for five topics related to sustainable lifestyles: water conservation, energy conservation, economic sustainability, social sustainability, and waste reduction.


The pledges from Sustainapalooza were very unique and diverse. To showcase the wide range of pledges, we’ve created infographics containing all of the different ways Sustainapalooza participants will live more sustainably.

How will you conserve water?

Water Conservation Wordle

How will you conserve energy?


How will you practice economic sustainability?

Economic Sustainablity Wordle

How will you give back to your community?

Community:Hand Wordle

How will you reduce your waste?


Madi: Reflecting back on this past year, it astounds me how much I’ve grown through this internship. My knowledge, appreciation, and passion for sustainability have all increased.

Working for the Office of Sustainability taught me a lot about myself and that I can always strive to be more sustainable.  I am also now convinced that I need to invest in a Bokashi composter.

Working as a Live Green! Campus and Community Engagement intern not only taught me how to be more sustainable, it also taught me how to inspire my friends, family and colleagues to live more sustainably and how important it is to promote more sustainable lifestyles everyday.

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

– Howard Zinn

Thank you for reading our posts. I’ve loved and enjoyed writing them for you all to read!

Laurelin: From tiny houses to Valentine’s Day chocolates, I’ve had a really fun time writing and researching the Live Green! posts throughout the year! Although I have an environmental studies background, I was surprised to find that I learned new things every day as a Live Green! intern.

My hands-on experiences with the Zero Waste Week Challenge and planning all of the different sustainability events also helped connect what I’m learning in the classroom to my everyday life.

Sustainability is a huge, broad topic that can seem a little intimidating at first – with environmental, economic, and social problems around the globe, how can one person make a difference?

As a Campus and Community Engagement intern, I think my biggest takeaway is this: No one has to solve all the world’s problems alone – if everyone starts with one thing, we can collectively work towards a more sustainable future.

FINAL Start with 1

Like Madi mentioned earlier, thank you for reading all of our posts and following the blog throughout the year! It’s been a pleasure to write for Live Green! and I look forward to keeping up with the blog in the future!

Written by: Laurelin Haas and Madi VanGundy, Campus and Community Engagement Interns

Photos by: Grace Lee


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