Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle Market Comes to Ames!

Hello –   My name is Sindhuja Ram and I am a proud member of the Live Green! Leadership Team at Iowa State University, and I’ve served as a Special Initiatives Intern over the summer and the fall 2016 semester. Even though this event happened during the summer, I’d encourage you to consider reused, re-purposed and recycled items as an option year round – especially now that the holiday season is upon us!

Do you ever find yourself searching for a unique buy, a vintage collection, a special assortment of goods, or a new-to-you-treasure?  Are you interested in learning about unique ways to use what you have instead of buying something new?  

Well look no further than the Reuse, Re-Purpose, Recycle Market! This brand new community event was envisioned by Worldly Goods, a local non-profit, fair trade store (and gold certified member of the City of Ames Smart Business Challenge), and it took place on Sunday August 28th  on Main Street in downtown Ames.

Thirty different vendors rented space on Main Street to display their up-cycled, recycled, and reused wares and wears. In this street market type atmosphere – speckled with tents housing sustainably-minded  treasures – the public was invited to purchase items supporting businesses and organizations that in turn support reuse, repurpose and recycling through their products and services. The event drew a diverse crowd throughout the six-hour event including residents from the City of Ames, many surrounding communities, and college students just returning to  Iowa State University for the Fall 2016 semester.

Eighteen official community volunteers and volunteers from AmeriCorps NCCC helped the event come together, and the Market was truly a success for its first year!

Sustainability highlights of the event included:

  • Reused, re-purposed, recycled items finding new homes
  • Trash sorting stations throughout the event that allowed attendees to repurpose the waste they generated at the event through recycling and composting
  • The overall boost in awareness of repurposing options and opportunities available in our community

As a local non-profit, fair trade store, Worldly Goods follows a mission focused on inspiring and supporting  social justice, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental resiliency by providing a marketplace for artisans of the world to earn a living wage, support their families, and develop their communities. This mission is further reflected in their daily work practice to reuse, repurpose, and recycle whatever and whenever possible.

Visit Worldly Goods for more information about their initiatives and commitment to engaging and empowering our community and communities around the world in discovering and committing to small steps that collectively ripple toward ensuring a greener and more sustainable future!


Stay connected to Live Green! and the many stellar sustainability events happening in our community by following our Facebook page here. And be sure to check out our Pinterest for some creative ideas to your Reused, Repurposed, and Recycled items!


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