The Good Deeds Countdown

Hello- My name is Molly Breen, a Campus & Community Engagement Intern for the Live Green! Team. On the first day of December, I posted on Facebook  about my 25 Random Acts of Kindness Holiday Countdown Calendar. Now, I am here to recap my my month of good deeds.


It all began when thinking about how I can give back for the holidays. I started making a list of things I could do like donate clothes to charity, make treats for a neighbor, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and so on. After noticing a sizeable list, I decided to hold myself accountable in a fun way my making my kindness advent calendar.


I chose to create my calendar at the beginning of December due to the connection with the holidays and gift giving, but any month can be YOUR good deeds month! To make the calendar, all you need is …

  • A current blank calendar for the month you want to start your kindness countdown
  • A list of good deeds (if you need any ideas check some out here)
  • Pen
  • Somewhere to display your countdown (I hung it up by my desk and had a picture on my phone)

My Good Deeds Advent Calendar was very simple to make/do, and the results were phenomenal. In the midst of gifts and mass consumerism, it is easy to forget about the things that really bring us joy, but this truly held me accountable for my actions. I felt great knowing every day I was doing something to give back. I highly recommend a kindness calendar as a way to slowdown, connect, and do good during the any season.

It has become a goal of mine to not only continue this Good Deed Countdown Calendar every December, but to also continue spreading kindness every day. One idea I have is to collect a jar of good deeds and pick from those on a weekly or daily basis. Another idea with Valentine’s Day coming up next month, would be a countdown to Valentine’s day or for the whole month with good deeds related to love, appreciation, and kindness. If you are feeling really ambitious, you could even take part in a 365-day calendar for good deeds where you do a good deed every day!!

Overall, making an effort to do a good deed every day, week, or even month is an easy way to give back. No matter how slight, a good deed does good. The impact of smiling at a stranger or picking up litter is a small action with big effects. After all, I believe good deeds, like kindness, are contagious. No matter how you choose to perform good deeds, starting everyday with the right mindset will help you to constantly spot those moments to give back.


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