10th Annual College Creek Cleanup Summary

Hello, Live Green! Community!

Did you hear we picked up and disposed of over SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS of garbage at our recent College Creek Cleanup event?


This year’s event, on Saturday, June 23rd, was the 10th annual College Creek Cleanup! College Creek Cleanup was one of the first projects implemented by the Office of Sustainability at Iowa State, and it’s an event we look forward to every year. You can read all about how College Creek Cleanup was created here on our website.

Due to the heavy rains that raised the creek’s water levels just before the event, we were especially careful at this year’s event. The majority of the trash was attached to tree branches and littering the creek banks, making it more easily accessible to volunteers. Volunteers collected 52 large garbage bags full of trash, including such strange items like a Guitar Hero set, a tire, two construction barricades, and two inflatable pools. In total, we had more than 50 volunteers donate 178.22 hours of service in order to collect and properly dispose of all of this trash!

We’re very fortunate to have incredible support from local businesses and organizations which make it possible for us to host this event every year. Our sponsors are listed below, and they provided us with lunch, beverages, dessert, and door prizes for each and every one of our volunteers!

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 6.51.10 PM.png

You may be wondering why we have to hold this event every year, and why College Creek just CAN’T stay clean! Because of its placement in campus and Campustown, College Creek serves as a sort of natural snow-fence that collects all sorts of detritus throughout the year. Inevitably, trash that doesn’t get properly disposed of finds its way to the creek bed.

What can YOU do? While we may always have the need for an annual College Creek Cleanup event, prevention is key! You can help us (and your local ecosystem) by properly disposing of ALL your trash on campus and in Campustown, even when it’s slightly inconvenient for you. In addition, you can pick up litter that you see around the area, or organize your own campus clean-up event at another time of year! While we spent several hours cleaning, there’s still trash around Campustown that needs attention throughout the year!

Interested in hosting your own campus or community clean-up? Contact us at livegreen@iastate.edu for next steps and support.

You can see additional photos of the event here. If you’re interested in getting involved with the Live Green! Initiative, please take a look at our upcoming Rummage RAMPage event—we still need a lot of volunteers to make the event successful!


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