Earth Day 2021 Participating Organizations

Hello! Caitlin, Campus and Community Engagement Intern here. Somehow we are already approaching the end of the spring semester, and with that, Earth Day! We are so looking forward to celebrating Earth Day on Thursday, April 22nd, from 10am-2pm on the South Library Lawn. While the event will look fairly similar to a “normal” year, we know that not everyone will be able to join us in person. So, as with our Sustainapalooza tabling organizations, we wanted to provide information on all participating organizations for our Earth Day Celebration in a virtual format. Below you will find a list of participating organizations, a little bit about them, links to resources, contact information to get in touch with them, and if they will be tabling at our in-person event. I hope you find a new organization to get involved with or a new local business to support!

City of Ames Smart Watersheds (tabling on 4/22)

Smart Watersheds For Clean Rivers and Streams Logo

The Public Works Department coordinates a stormwater program in cooperation with other City departments and local partners. This program emphasizes stormwater and watershed education and outreach, watershed projects that include installation of practices to improve water quality in Ames, municipal pollution prevention and promotion of stormwater best management practices. It also engages the community to make changes in behavior that will improve water quality.

Learn more about the City of Ames’ water conservation efforts by visiting the City of Ames website.

Climate Reality Campus Corps (tabling on 4/22)

For young people concerned about their opportunities in a world shaped by climate change, The Climate Reality Project Campus Corps offers the chance to take control of their future. By joining the Corps and participating in the 100% Committed campaign, young people can personally play a key role in the historic movement that will transform the global economy, solve the greatest challenge of our time, and create a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future for us all. The group is working with the administration to push for 100% renewable energy by 2030, full carbon neutrality as soon as possible, and divestment from fossil fuel interests. 

To learn more about Climate Reality Campus Corps, visit their student organization page or follow them on Facebook. 

Contact: President Hector Arbuckle,

Engineers for a Sustainable World (tabling on 4/22)

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW-USA) was founded on the belief that engineers and community members can work together to identify and solve technology-based problems, employing solutions that can be locally sustained, leading to an improved quality of life. Here in Ames, the Iowa State University chapter focuses on the improvement of campus through the design and execution of projects that fit into the ESW values. Some of the projects that teams have implemented on campus include composting systems, solar energy, and stormwater management. 

Additional information can be found on the Engineers for a Sustainable World student organization page. 

Contact: President Lizbeth Plaza-Torres,

Environmental Education Club (tabling on 4/22)

The Environmental Education Club at Iowa State University is a student organization in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management. Their focus is in giving students experience in preparing and presenting public programs related to natural resources. The club volunteers in the community, presents programs at the Ames Public Library, Iowa State Lab School, and various other community organizations, and connects with professionals in the field.

To learn more, visit their student organization page. 

Contact: Presidents Abbie Van Raden,, and Kari Jeffrey,

Environmental Science Club (tabling on 4/22)

The goal of the Environmental Science Club is to provide a space for all Iowa State students interested in Environmental Science with the opportunity to develop their passion for the environment. Through the use of researching opportunities, volunteering, listening to guest speakers, and collaborating with other passionate students, they aim to achieve more understanding and fascination of the natural world.

More information, including links to Newsletters featuring ways to live more sustainably and information about the Grow to Give volunteer project, can be found on the student organization database. You can also learn more and get connected by going to the Iowa State Environmental Science Club Facebook page.

Contact: President Tanner Gordon,

FP&M Recycling Services (tabling on 4/22)

Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) Recycling Services is committed to establishing a sustainable campus through the reduction of waste produced, reusing materials as much as possible, as well as recycling materials into new products. Our focus is to continue promoting the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, which is vital in achieving an effective waste minimization/zero waste program. Taking a campus as large as Iowa State University on the path to becoming a zero waste campus is a challenge. By using the waste management hierarchy approach, our goal is to keep 85% of waste out of the landfill by 2025.

To support the zero waste initiative, we have a zero waste team who advocates for the zero waste program across campus to engage peers and colleagues in their respective departments and buildings. Learn more on how to join the zero waste team here.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your throwaways after you dispose of them? At Iowa State University, there are various pathways your waste may travel after it is thrown out — many of which keep it out of the landfill. Follow the flow chart here to see how your waste habits may be affecting the Ames community. Keep in mind the steps you, personally, can take to minimize our impact, as well as to keep waste out of the landfill.

Contact: FP&M Recycling/Special Events Coordinator Ayodeji Oluwalana,,

Humanitarian Awareness Committee (tabling on 4/22)

The Humanitarian Awareness Committee is a committee within the International Student Council which focuses on educating the ISU community and creating awareness about humanitarian issues around the world. 

To learn more, refer to the International Student Council organization page or Facebook page. 

Contact: Humanitarian Awareness Director Stephanie Warnstadt,

Iowa State University Department of Resident (tabling on 4/22)

The Department of Residence houses more than 90% of the incoming freshman class each year. In pre-COVID times, the total number of students living in DOR properties was more than 10,500. To put that in perspective, we would be the 37th largest city in the state.

The DOR is a proud partner in Iowa State’s Live Green! Initiative. In 2019, the residence halls enacted a single stream recycling program to make recycling more convenient for the students. It seems to be a success. Despite the pandemic, 156,660 pounds (78.33 tons) of materials were recycled in 2020 in the residence halls.

Geoffroy Hall, the DOR’s newest residence hall, is LEED Gold certified. LEED certified buildings have demonstrated leadership in sustainable uses of water, resources, generating less waste, and supporting the health of their residents.

Other residence hall initiatives include:

  • Replaced old light fixtures with energy-efficient LED lights
  • Installed new windows in all buildings
  • Put in over 200 water bottle filling stations (in Dodds House in Friley Hall the water bottle filling station has eliminated 119,710 plastic bottles from going to the landfill).
  • The facilities staff uses chemical-free cleaning products

Students have a lot of input in the DOR’s initiatives. This past year, students in the SUV community proposed, designed, and implemented a composting program within that community. In addition, several houses in the residence hall have a sustainability chair in their house cabinets. 

To learn more about the DOR and their sustainable initiatives, visit their website, or check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Contact: DOR Communications Specialist Chad Bauman,, 515-294-6243.

Iowa Women in Natural Resources Collegiate Chapter (tabling on 4/22)

Iowa Women in Natural Resources Collegiate Chapter is an organization for women to network with professionals in the field of Natural Resources through service and community engagement. Some of the activities of the organization include meeting with guest speakers in various science fields and completing a service project each semester. 

To learn more about this organization, visit their student organization page. 

Contact: President Laura Monson,

JAX Outdoor Gear (participating virtually)

JAX Outdoor Gear is a local shop for all things outdoors. At JAX, you’ll find quality gear for camping, hunting, fishing, archery, and climbing, plus military surplus, athletics, clothing, and footwear.

JAX continually seeks ways to make positive contributions toward resource conservation and environmental protection.

JAX carries brands that value conservation and use sustainable materials and practices in their manufacturing. JAX also carries products that nourish the planet. For instance, two trees are planted for every ENO hammock sold.

For more information on JAX conservation efforts, visit their website. You can also check out the store in-person at 4723 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA 50014. 

Pay It Forward (tabling on 4/22)

Pay It Forward is an established service and volunteer student organization at Iowa State University. It is established for the expressed purpose of revealing leadership through service, relationship and action. Pay It Forward is engaging college students in service and leadership over spring break, and throughout the school year in the Ames community.

To learn more about the volunteer and travel opportunities provided by Pay It Forward, link to their volunteer sign-up form and email list, visit their student organization page.

Contact: President Jacob Vos,

Renewable Energy Group (participating virtually)

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) is an international producer of cleaner fuels and North America’s largest producer of biodiesel. With 12 bio-based diesel plants in the United States and Europe and headquarters in Ames, Iowa, REG is leading the clean fuel revolution and helping to improve our environment.

Biodiesel and renewable diesel are both made from plant and animal byproducts, oftentimes considered “waste,” such as soybean oil, beef tallow, poultry fat and used cooking oil. Using REG’s proprietary refining technology, we recycle these waste materials into high-quality liquid fuel that can be used as a diesel alternative in any diesel engine. Since the carbon emitted from our products comes from plant and animal byproducts, using bio-based diesel does not add significantly to the volume of carbon in the atmosphere. This makes it an effective and easy solution to reduce carbon emissions today and curb climate change.

REG is always looking for future leaders. We have a comprehensive 12-week paid summer internship program with opportunities in many areas of our business. To learn more about our internship and search available positions, visit  

To learn more about REG, please visit

Story County Conservation (tabling on 4/22)

Story County Conservation manages more than 3,200 acres of parks and natural areas, including lakes, campgrounds, and trails, and an additional 5,500 acres of roadside habitat through our Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management program. The environmental education staff serves Story County schools and the public with interpretive and informational programs for all ages. Story County Conservation’s volunteer program provides volunteer opportunities to individuals and groups interested in making a difference in local natural resources.  

To learn more about Story County Conservation, visit their website. 

Contact: Director Mike Cox,, Outreach Coordinator Erica Place,

Students Helping Our Peers (SHOP) (tabling on 4/22)

No photo description available.

The SHOP was created by a group of students looking to give back to their community. Our mission is to engage with anti-hunger advocates and serve the student population by increasing hunger awareness and food security. We are located in Beyer Hall, room 1306. Our hours are Tuesday and Friday 10:00 AM – 2 PM. We also have food pantries at Frederiksen Court Community Center and Schilletter-University Village Community Center. The SHOP is run by volunteers and the food is obtained through donations. Students may come in and pick-up food without showing any ID, which makes this service completely anonymous.

Learn more about this on campus food pantry by visiting their student organization page or stay up to date on their hours and operations by going to their Facebook page.

Contact: President Belinda Heckman,, Vice President Carolin 3Stokes,

Sustainable Agriculture Student Association (participating virtually)

The SASA is a student lead organization which works towards promoting sustainable agriculture, consumer education and outreach, and improvement of the current agricultural paradigm. Recurring activities include volunteering at the Food at First garden as well as once a month at Food at First meals. Other activities have included a bicycle tour of local gardens in early fall. Activities are designed and planned as ways for the community of students in the GPSA program as well as friends of the program to build community and learn more about sustainable agriculture outside of the classroom.

To learn more about SASA, check out their student organization page or their organization’s Facebook page. 

Contact: Presidents Chris Morris,, and Derek Franklin,

The Green Umbrella Club (tabling on 4/22)

The Green Umbrella Header

The mission of The Green Umbrella is to bring together different student sustainability organizations to make Iowa State students more aware of sustainable efforts around them. Our goals are three-fold. 1. Create an open forum for discussion about Green Initiatives at ISU. 2. Act as one voice to ISU administration about student sustainability issues 3. Brainstorm ways to teach students how they can make their lives more sustainably, how they can participate in Go Green efforts, and how they can voice their opinions on sustainable issues.

For more information, visit The Green Umbrella page on the student organization database or their Facebook page.

Contact: Presidents Amanda Ortiz-Pellot,, and Sophia Wilker,

The Loft (tabling on 4/22)

The Loft in Ames, Iowa is a well known consignment shop, popular with teens and adults alike, located in beautiful Downtown Ames, at the corner of Kellogg and Main. They strive to have the highest quality inventory at prices that work with your budget. 

For more information, visit The Loft’s website, or stop in the shop at 233 Main St, Ames, IA 50010. 

Volunteer Center of Story County (tabling on 4/22)

The Volunteer Center of Story County strives to be the connection between those in need and those who want to take action. Their focus is volunteers, and as a hub for all things volunteering, they want to share their expertise and provide relevant services to those looking to make a difference in the community. 

To learn more, check out the Volunteer Center of Story County website. 


In addition to connecting with these organizations at the event, you also have the opportunity to make a difference at Earth Day through donations. At the event, you will have the opportunity to donate nonperishable food items to support SHOP, as well as donate gently loved clothing items to support the Students Supporting Local Communities Clothing Drive. If you are unable or forget to bring your donations to Earth Day, no worries! The SHOP is always accepting donations. Clothing for the clothing drive can be dropped off between 12-3pm at the West Staircase Organization Tabling Area on the first floor of the Memorial Union from 4/21-4/23. More information about the clothing drive can be found on our Earth Month Calendar. 

There are so many incredible sustainable organizations on our campus and in our community and we are so excited to get to celebrate Earth Day with them! Keep an eye on Live Green’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms to stay connected, and for updates and coverage of Earth Day on April 22nd. 

Happy Earth Week!

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