May: Team Goodbyes & Sustainable Summers

Hi Live Green! Enthusiasts, 

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Earth Day with us and took the time to appreciate our beautiful Earth! We encourage you to continue engaging in sustainability and showing your appreciation for Earth today, tomorrow and every day! 

The 2021-2022 school year has FLOWN by! We have covered many topics, such as food waste and how to stay green during the holidays, and hosted celebrations for Campus Sustainability Month, Sustainapalooza and Earth Day. A big thanks to you, our readers for tuning in and participating along the way! We ALWAYS have more to share!! Be on the lookout for future blog posts – here, on our Live Green! WordPress.

As the year winds down, it is sad for the Live Green! Team to say goodbye to our 2021-2022 year of adventure; but we are also looking forward to some exciting endeavors coming up this summer – and beyond. We want to also give a special shout-out to our graduating team members, including Smart Business Challenge Interns – Lucia Rizzo and Lydia Youngquist; Sustainability Coordinator – Hannah Randall; and Social Media Engagement Intern – Isabelle Legan. Here’s what the team is pursuing after graduation and has planned for summer. Read on!

Looking Ahead for the Live Green! Team 

“This summer, I will be joined by STARS Intern, Elizabeth, in staying in Ames and on campus – focused on making our August submission deadline for ISU’s STARS sustainability recertification. Also on the calendar for summer is the College Creek Cleanup on June 18, Orientation during all of June and Rummage Rampage July 29-August 6. Other projects are in the works too – stay tuned. For off-campus fun, hoping to catch a Cardinals game in St. Louis and connect with friends that I have not seen for a while via little weekend trips here and there,” Director of Sustainability, Merry Rankin

“I am graduating in May with dual master degrees in architecture and interior design. I will move to the Vail Valley in the Colorado Rockies at the end of May to start an architectural designer position with a small luxury residential architecture firm. When I am not working, I will take in the mountains to their fullest extent with my husband and our dogs!” Sustainability Coordinator, Hannah Randall

“I will stay in Ames this summer, working on the STARS submission (which is due at the end of August) and at ZW Mercantile! I hope to do a lot of hiking and spending time outside at places like Reiman Gardens, Ledges, etc. In July, I will spend a week in Wisconsin with my family; we rent a cabin there every summer!” Sustainability Benchmarking and Certification Intern, Elizabeth Smith

“I will be doing research at Iowa Lakeside Lab this summer. I will continue a soil moisture project that I started last summer at Lakeside, related to a recovering fen, as well as being a part of the team starting a new project in Fen Valley,” Campus and Community Engagement Intern, Ashley Kleve

“I will be studying abroad in Panama studying Tropical Island Ecosystems: The Human Impact. I will be there from June 6-July 6. I am so incredibly excited to go and am literally counting down the days!” Campus and Community Engagement Intern, Valentine Chenus

“I am graduating in May with a degree in business analytics and marketing. I will be staying in Ames this summer to continue swimming training and (hopefully) continue working as a marketing research assistant for Iowa State.  In the fall I will begin my Master’s in Information Systems, at the Ivy College of Business, and use my fifth year of NCAA eligibility as a member of the Iowa State University Women’s Swimming and Diving Team,” Smart Business Challenge Intern, Lucia Rizzo

“I am graduating in May with a degree in accounting and leadership studies. Also in May, I’ll be starting at United Way of Central Iowa as the Finance Associate, working to promote social sustainability in Des Moines,” Smart Business Challenge Intern, Lydia Youngquist

“This summer, I will be working as a marketing intern at Community Savings Bank in Manchester, Iowa. In this internship, I will be working with the marketing department, covering events and posting on social media. I am also excited about spending free time boating, swimming, and hopefully taking a trip to Colorado to visit family and friends!” Marketing and Communications Intern, Reese Cox

“I will be graduating with a degree in agriculture and society in May and moving back to Illinois. This summer I will be interning with Illinois Farm Business Farm Management, and job searching toward securing a full-time position working in conservation,” Marketing and Communications Intern, Nicole Haverback

“I will be graduating and working at Plan B Advertising Agency in downtown Chicago as a Copywriter Intern! I will also be helping with wedding planning (and crafting) for my sister’s wedding in August. In addition to enjoying Chicago summer, I also have a few fun upcoming trips planned to Pennsylvania, San Diego, North Carolina, and Denver!” Social Media Engagement Intern, Isabelle Legan

Good luck to all the Live Green! Team members on their future endeavors! As well as all of the projects noted above happening this summer, we are also busy finalizing the 2022-2023 Live Green! Team. Stay tuned for our 2022-2023 “Meet the Team” blog, this fall.

Summer Opportunities to Live Green! in Ames

The Ames community bustles with sustainability events and opportunities each summer!  If you do find yourself remaining in Ames over the summer, lucky you! Here are some of our team’s favorite “must knows”.

Rummage Rampage

Every year, Live Green! partners with the City of Ames to host “Rummage RAMpage,” a community sale to keep reusable items out of landfills. The sale will be from July 29 to Saturday, August 6, 2022, at the Ames Intermodal Facility located at 129 Hayward Ave. The event is open to the public to donate or shop!

To donate, drop off items at the Ames Intermodal Facility from Friday, July 29 to Friday, August 5, 2022. If you would like to donate items prior to the end of July, you can drop them off NOW at the City of Ames Resource Recovery Plant (110 Center St.). For a small fee, they will store and transport your items to Rummage RAMpage. This is a good opportunity for students moving out of their apartments and back home over the summer to dispose of unwanted items. For more information about the event and opportunities to take part – shop, donate and volunteer – visit the Rummage Rampage webpage on the City of Ames website. 

College Creek Cleanup

If you are still around Ames this summer, join us for the College Creek Cleanup! The College Creek Clean-Up is a great opportunity to be a part of keeping the community clean by picking up trash along the creek. Visit the ISU Events Calendar College Creek event page for more information and to register (helping us ensure we have enough supplies and goodies for all our volunteers)!

5 (Free) Sustainable Summer Activities

In addition to participating in events, summer is also the perfect time to take full advantage of so many activities, especially those connected to warm weather and enjoying the outdoors. Depending upon the depth of your adventure, most outdoor opportunities can be enjoyed at no cost – and in a sustainable manner. We collected a few of our top choices (and sustainable tips) to share. 

  • Hike or Camp  
    • Although we featured it in January, our blog about all the fabulous area parks to explore is still applicable for summer. Reread January’s blog on the Live Green! WordPress and have fun discovering parks in Ames and surrounding communities!  
    • Sustainability Tip – Leave No Trace – In other words, leave your camping spot and the surrounding area how you found it! Other tips for zero-waste camping include bringing reusable containers, using biodegradable soap, making Green-It-Yourself (GIY) bug spray, etc. Find more tips and a zero-waste camping checklist on The Eco Hub website
  • Bike or Walk 
    • Did you know that May is National Bike Month? Don’t miss the Bike to Work Week Kick-Off is May 16 with a free Bike Commuter Continental Breakfast from 7 to 9 a.m. in front of City Hall, 515 Clark Ave. Even if you don’t work locally, biking around the neighborhood is a great way to get outside and promote sustainability! For more information on Bike to Work Week, visit the City of Ames website.
    • Sustainability Tip – Say No to Disposable Hydration – Packing water in a reusable water bottle is a great way to eliminate waste (and stay hydrated!).
  • Picnic 
    • Take your picnic to the next level by picking up locally-grown food (and other goodies) at the Ames Farmers’ Markets (Downtown and North Grand Mall), May through September. 
    • Sustainability Tip – Make Your Picnic Zero Waste – Bring food in reusable containers and use reusable cutlery. Focus on recyclables or compostables when reusable is not available. Prioritize recycling and composting. If you don’t want to carry it out, use leftover water or ice to water plants. 
  • Star Gaze
    • The best outdoor movie, plays every evening! Visit the Celestron website for a guide to summertime constellations and asterisms. 
    • Sustainability Tip – Enjoy a Minimalist Evening – All you need to enjoy the stars is a blanket. 
  • Garden
    • Gardening can include anything from vegetables and fruits to flowering plants. A great option for those who live in apartments or want additional space for a garden is The City of Ames Community Gardens. Participants can rent a garden plot, located on South Maple Street, on a yearly basis. To apply, visit the City of Ames website. To help you get started, the annual Reiman Gardens Plant Sale Extravaganza is happening May 7-8. Find more information on the Reiman Gardens website
    • Sustainability Tip – Grow and Tend Sustainably – There is no better way to cut back on waste (and save money) than by growing your own food. For example – compost any cut plant material instead of sending it to a landfill and water only when necessary.  Find more sustainable gardening tips on the Missouri Botanical Garden website

Live Green! While Traveling

Of course, summer is also about adventures beyond the community you call home. If you are traveling this summer, reread the Live Green! Blog for March, “Gone with the Waste” and look over the March Live Green! Monthly newsletter. SO many helpful and creative tips and ideas! In general – planning ahead is your best friend when it comes to minimizing your travel footprint. Make lists and shop BEFORE leaving to avoid buying a lot of individually packaged (and more expensive) products at your destination, bring reusable bags for shopping and a reusable water bottle, mug and silverware. Find more zero-waste packing tips on the Greener Ideal website

Stay Connected! During Summer and Beyond

As always, stay connected, and keep up with interesting, sustainability tidbits and news, this summer (and beyond) on the Live Green! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And let us know what you are up to and share your sustainability tips, experiences and ideas!! We would love to hear from you! Tag us! 

Although our newsletter is not delivered over the summer months, monthly issues will start again in October. Sign up now to ensure your copy is delivered right to your inbox! Signing up is easy, via our sign-up form on the Live Green! website subscribe webpage. *Just a reminder!! If you are already subscribed and graduating (or leaving ISU) and would still like to be a part of the Live Green! list serv, email us at with a non-ISU email to make sure you do not miss any “living cardinal, gold and green” news and highlights. 

As always, for all things sustainable at ISU, the Live Green! website is your best first stop. We are here to assist you in pursuing your best “green” adventure!  

Wishing everyone good luck on finals and a relaxing, renewing and sustainable summer!

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