Sustaining Spring Break

In a week, a lot of us will be heading to the coasts or to slopes outside of the flat Iowa terrain we know and love. While it’ll be quite easy to leave school and the daily work grind behind us as we reach our destinations, don’t forget to have a sustainable spring break. WhetherContinue reading “Sustaining Spring Break”

Sustainapalooza- Guest Post!

The Green Umbrella has been working very hard these past few months to put together a fabulous event, Sustainapalooza. It showcases and celebrates the great sustainable efforts and projects around Iowa State University; presents a lecture and symposium sessions on how concern for the environment is world wide; and finally offers hands-on, interactive Green ItContinue reading “Sustainapalooza- Guest Post!”

Why You Should Attend the 2013 Symposium on Sustainability and Sustainapalooza- Guest Post!

Events you can’t miss!!!  – Sustainapalooza and the Symposium on Sustainability.  Mark your calendars, register, and attend whatever you can.  You won’t be sorry!!! My freshman year at Iowa State I attended the Symposium on Sustainability and learned all about sustainability efforts on and off campus, and also learned about the missions and outreach ofContinue reading “Why You Should Attend the 2013 Symposium on Sustainability and Sustainapalooza- Guest Post!”

Green Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that elicits dread in some, happiness in others, anger in a few, and panic in many.  With all of this worrying about what you’ll do on the most lovey-dovey holiday of the year, it can be easy to forget about keeping your celebration sustainable! Send a Paperless Card!  Don’t wasteContinue reading “Green Your Valentine’s Day”

6 Ways to Green Your Textbooks (and Your Wallet)

There are always so many noises you hear around campus at the beginning of the year. The buzz of people coming back to campus and the groan of students when they hear about how much their new books are going to cost. Each semester seems like it will begin with the same terrifyingly long receiptContinue reading “6 Ways to Green Your Textbooks (and Your Wallet)”

Local Produce Available in January

Do you want to buy local, seasonal products? Even though it is winter, you still have some options! Here is a list of some local produce that are currently for sale at Wheatsfield Co-op. Local Produce in January: Living basil and fresh herbs Cabbage Chard Garlic Ginger Living Lettuce Bell Peppers Potatoes Pumpkins Radishes Squashes TurnipsContinue reading “Local Produce Available in January”

Green Your Resolutions

It’s a new year, and everyone is making their resolutions! You might have already made a list of personal resolutions, but have you made a list of sustainable resolutions? Try to better yourself and your community by making a few green goals this year! It can be hard to stick to any resolution, so manageContinue reading “Green Your Resolutions”

Real vs. Artificial: Choosing the Perfect [Green] Tree

It’s perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the upcoming holiday season. From our homes to our very own campus, the holiday tree encompasses the traditions we’ve grown up with. Maybe your family goes out each season in search of the perfect real, or artificial, tree.  Whether this journey takes you to a tree farm, lotContinue reading “Real vs. Artificial: Choosing the Perfect [Green] Tree”

[G]reen [I]t [Y]ourself : Holiday Edition

Hello! Welcome to the Live Green! blog: All Things Green. Check out our blog for cool happenings with all things sustainable. Since the holidays are upon us, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to spicing up your holiday decor in an eco-friendly way. From gifts to decorations, get easy-to-follow directions on how toContinue reading “[G]reen [I]t [Y]ourself : Holiday Edition”