Food for Thought: Give Thought to Food

Hi Live Green! Enthusiasts,  It’s Isabelle, the Live Green! Social Media Engagement intern. October flew by and we hope you enjoyed hearing from students and learning about sustainability-related clubs/businesses to check out!  November’s campaign is titled Food for Thought: Give Thought to Food. Food is such a prevalent part in all of our lives andContinue reading “Food for Thought: Give Thought to Food”

October: Sustainability at ISU

Hi Live Green! Enthusiasts, It’s Isabelle, the Live Green! Social Media Engagement intern, again. I’m so excited to share more information about everything you can expect to see in October! The Live Green! Team is ready to be back in-person and engage with the community, especially at the Campus Sustainability Month celebration on October 27.Continue reading “October: Sustainability at ISU”

Meet the Live Green! Leadership Team

Hello Live Green! Enthusiasts,  My name is Isabelle and I am this year’s Social Media Engagement intern. In this blog, I am going to introduce the 2021-2022 Live Green! Team and give a sneak-peek into this semester’s three social media campaigns. We are all so excited to work side-by-side impacting how the community views sustainabilityContinue reading “Meet the Live Green! Leadership Team”

My Rummage RAMPage Experience

Happy August! Elizabeth again, STARS Benchmarking and Certification intern at the Iowa State Office of Sustainability. Today I am here to share my experience at Rummage RAMPage, which took place from July 30 through August 7. I had never been able to shop or volunteer here before, as this is my first summer living inContinue reading “My Rummage RAMPage Experience”

Sustainability at the Tokyo Olympics

Hello everyone! Elizabeth here, STARS intern for the Office of Sustainability. Did you watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics this weekend? Have you been tuning into the games as they go? Although the Summer Olympics were delayed a year because of COVID-19, the fun and games have officially begun in Tokyo, Japan. Over 11,000Continue reading “Sustainability at the Tokyo Olympics”

My Sustainable Live Green! Summer

About Me Good morning, afternoon, or evening!  My name is Elizabeth, and I am going to be a junior at Iowa State in the fall. I’m majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Sustainability and will be serving as the STARS Benchmark & Certification Intern for the summer and through the 2021-2022 academic year. STARSContinue reading “My Sustainable Live Green! Summer”

Earth Day 2021 Participating Organizations

Hello! Caitlin, Campus and Community Engagement Intern here. Somehow we are already approaching the end of the spring semester, and with that, Earth Day! We are so looking forward to celebrating Earth Day on Thursday, April 22nd, from 10am-2pm on the South Library Lawn. While the event will look fairly similar to a “normal” year,Continue reading “Earth Day 2021 Participating Organizations”

March Madness? Welcome to March Awareness!

Hope everyone is having a great time! Pedro, Social Media Engagement Intern for Live Green! with you today, I got to say, this year has been quite awesome for the Live Green! Team! It was fantastic to see everyone who attended Sustainapalooza and the keynote lecture for the 2021 Symposium on Sustainability.  While opportunities likeContinue reading “March Madness? Welcome to March Awareness!”

Sustainapalooza 2021 Participating Organizations

Hello everyone! Caitlin, Live Green! Campus and Community Engagement Intern here. We are so excited and thankful to have so many great sustainable organizations joining us for Sustainapalooza this year! While we are looking forward to being in person for the event on March 3rd from 5:30-8:30 in the Memorial Union Great Hall, we knowContinue reading “Sustainapalooza 2021 Participating Organizations”