Caitlin’s Zero Waste Week Challenge

classicpage_slide_1024x1024Day 1

I forgot that today was the first day of the challenge. I’ve begun to look into what I can and can’t recycle on and around campus, but I’m terrified to see how much waste I produce. Tomorrow, I’ll start thinking through my daily routine and see if there’s anywhere I can cut out the waste that will most likely not get recycled. I’m scared!

fruit-04Day 2

I’m not very good at this so far. But I am eating a lot better, so my bag contains a lot of remnants of fruit. Today I had to buy groceries, and wasn’t prepared with reusable shopping bags. So shopping was a struggle because I had a carton of eggs take a dive and grunge up the plastic. But tomorrow I can try to better pinpoint opportunities to not create waste. My bag is filling up way too quickly!

blog_makeupDay 3

Today I decided to not wear makeup today because my makeup remover wipes are not recyclable. But I realized that I take longer in the shower to remove my makeup because I’m not using my wipes – and I just traded in one way to be sustainable for another way to not be. Gah! I really struggled finding a way to not use more water to remove my makeup. I guess I’ll just go makeup-less tomorrow.


Day 4

I brought my reusable water bottle to class and filled it a billion times! But I’ve realized that my apartment runs through dishes really quickly. We ran out of clean dishes, and I had to use paper plates for my meals today. Tomorrow, I’ll make sure the dishes are washed and the paper plates are far away.

Female hand taking a tissue from a box

Day 5

I’ve been sneezing a lot recently, and I don’t feel comfortable recycling dirtied tissues so I put them in my bag. We’ve had to resort to paper towels to clean up messes in the apartment because the rags are dirty. Overall this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. If I make certain choices, I don’t add a lot to my bag.

compost-pileDay 6

Today rather than driving to my friend’s apartment, I walked – saving gas and CO2 emissions! And I learned that she has a composter in her apartment! So I can get rid of the smellier food items in my bag. On the other hand, I bought iced coffee this afternoon – the cup and straw are recyclable, but it wasn’t very financially sustainable of me.

Studying-bookDay 7

I’ve been in my room studying, and I didn’t need to add anything to my bag today! It’s really easy to not add items to my bag simply by making a different choice than I would’ve normally made. Overall, I think Zero Waste Week is a fantastic way to challenge other students! It was incredibly intimidating at first, but sort of turned out to not be too difficult for me at the end.