Sindhuja’s Zero Waste Week Challenge


What is one thing that has surprised you about the challenge?
The Zero Waste Challenge week was harder than I ever imagined it to be. Initially accepting the challenge, I was rather confident in my ability to reduce my waste production. I think the main thing that made me struggle with the challenge was all the external factors such as a busy week at school (and basically life in general).

What have you done well during the challenge?
Sunday through Wednesday were moderately good days zero-waste-wise because I had ample time to think about what I could do to reduce my waste. I was conscious about food products that were packaged and chose to make at least one meal at home, and eating at the dining center. This way I could control the remaining food waste for composting.

What have you struggled with during the challenge?
I definitely had a tough time taking my end-of-the-week waste into account. I think I grew weary of the task as external pressures piled on. Friday I completely forgot to bring my Ziploc with me to campus, and I ended up throwing away most packaging that should have been collected in my bag.

What changes can you make for the next Zero Waste Week?
Next time I will definitely make a succinct plan of action for the challenge. I really do believe that planning better would have increased my success in this challenge.

What other thoughts do you have about the challenge?
This challenge was eye-opening, and it gave me a new perspective on my waste production. I think we lose sight of all the little things that could easily be recycled or composted but end up thrown away instead. And it was especially interesting to find out what to do with all the things that don’t fall into those two categories.