Greening Your Cup of Joe

Molly- “Paige, guess what today is?” Paige- “What?” Molly- “International Coffee Day!” Paige- “That’s one of my new favorite holidays! Let’s go celebrate!” Ames is a coffeeshop goldmine. It’s full of unique coffee shops that add a diverse flavor to your study session or hangout. In honor of  International Coffee Day on September 29th, weContinue reading “Greening Your Cup of Joe”

RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season

Hello, everyone! My name is Laurelin, and I’m a Special Initiatives intern in the Office of Sustainability! I’m back today with a wrap-up post on the Rummage RAMPage, a city-wide rummage sale that helped divert household items from the landfill while raising money for local nonprofits! Check out the rest of the post to learnContinue reading “RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season”

Gardening 101: A Newbie’s Guide to the Food At First Garden

Hello, everyone! My name is Laurelin, and I’m a Live Green! intern currently working for the office over the summer! You might remember me from previous blog posts, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be here throughout the fall semester as well! Today I’m back with a new post on gardening – let meContinue reading “Gardening 101: A Newbie’s Guide to the Food At First Garden”

It’s On Us, Iowa State

Please welcome guest blogger Kathryn! Kathryn has been a Live Green! intern since the summer of 2015, and she wrote a wonderful piece on the College Creek Cleanup. She’s currently working with the STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, & Rating System), which is a framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. Today she’sContinue reading “It’s On Us, Iowa State”

I Pledge to be Sustainable

Madi: Hello everyone!  Laurelin and I are back with one final blog post for you all! Laurelin: The year has sadly come to an end and while I won’t miss the stress of finals and classes, I’m definitely going to miss working as a Live Green! intern. Madi: To wrap things up and bring the blogContinue reading “I Pledge to be Sustainable”

Celebrating Earth Month at Iowa State

Our wonderful Honors student, Lauren Young, is back writing a blog on her Earth Month experience! In celebration of the many sustainable activities that go on in the Ames community throughout the month of April, Live Green! creates a comprehensive calendar that highlights events at ISU and in Ames, and The Green Umbrella holds aContinue reading “Celebrating Earth Month at Iowa State”

How to Move-Out Sustainably

After writing a wonderful blog post on Sustainapalooza, Honors student Lauren Young is back with a new article on moving out sustainably!  If you’re leaving Ames for the summer then be sure to check out these helpful tips on cleaning out your residence hall room or apartment! Hello, I’m back again! My name is Lauren Young, and IContinue reading “How to Move-Out Sustainably”

Sustainapalooza 2015 Recap

Sustainapalooza is an event hosted by The Green Umbrella in conjunction with The Live Green! Initiative. This event is to celebrate the sustainable things that people are doing on the Iowa State campus, as well as to raise awareness of sustainability and share opportunities on campus and in the Ames community. This was done throughContinue reading “Sustainapalooza 2015 Recap”

Maximize Your Life With Gas Savings

The recent decrease in gas prices has been enjoyable for many reasons. Your wallet might feel a little fuller. You might feel compelled to take the road trip you’ve always been talking about. While these advantages are great, you can still make sustainability-fueled choices. Road Trip For The Greater Good Goals of traveling and seeingContinue reading “Maximize Your Life With Gas Savings”

Shopping for a Deeper Cause: Nice-Cycling

Holiday season is rapidly coming upon us and ‘tis the season of giving and decorating. While it’s easy to purchase new goods for the holidays, why not take a little time and give deeper? Nice-cycling is a new term with a long history that, in a nutshell, allows a purchaser to give new life toContinue reading “Shopping for a Deeper Cause: Nice-Cycling”