Real vs. Artificial: Choosing the Perfect [Green] Tree

It’s perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the upcoming holiday season. From our homes to our very own campus, the holiday tree encompasses the traditions we’ve grown up with. Maybe your family goes out each season in search of the perfect real, or artificial, tree.  Whether this journey takes you to a tree farm, lotContinue reading “Real vs. Artificial: Choosing the Perfect [Green] Tree”

[G]reen [I]t [Y]ourself : Holiday Edition

Hello! Welcome to the Live Green! blog: All Things Green. Check out our blog for cool happenings with all things sustainable. Since the holidays are upon us, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to spicing up your holiday decor in an eco-friendly way. From gifts to decorations, get easy-to-follow directions on how toContinue reading “[G]reen [I]t [Y]ourself : Holiday Edition”