Iowa State University is Celebrating 10 Years of Living Green!

Hello, Cyclones!! My name is Molly Breen, and I am here with Maddie Blandin. We are Strategic Initiatives Interns for the Iowa State University Live Green! Initiative. The Live Green! Initiative is celebrating its ten-year anniversary THIS year, and we are so excited to celebrate Ten Years of Living Green with all of you! LiveContinue reading “Iowa State University is Celebrating 10 Years of Living Green!”

RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season

Hello, everyone! My name is Laurelin, and I’m a Special Initiatives intern in the Office of Sustainability! I’m back today with a wrap-up post on the Rummage RAMPage, a city-wide rummage sale that helped divert household items from the landfill while raising money for local nonprofits! Check out the rest of the post to learnContinue reading “RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season”

It’s On Us, Iowa State

Please welcome guest blogger Kathryn! Kathryn has been a Live Green! intern since the summer of 2015, and she wrote a wonderful piece on the College Creek Cleanup. She’s currently working with the STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, & Rating System), which is a framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. Today she’sContinue reading “It’s On Us, Iowa State”

I Pledge to be Sustainable

Madi: Hello everyone!  Laurelin and I are back with one final blog post for you all! Laurelin: The year has sadly come to an end and while I won’t miss the stress of finals and classes, I’m definitely going to miss working as a Live Green! intern. Madi: To wrap things up and bring the blogContinue reading “I Pledge to be Sustainable”

How to Move-Out Sustainably

After writing a wonderful blog post on Sustainapalooza, Honors student Lauren Young is back with a new article on moving out sustainably!  If you’re leaving Ames for the summer then be sure to check out these helpful tips on cleaning out your residence hall room or apartment! Hello, I’m back again! My name is Lauren Young, and IContinue reading “How to Move-Out Sustainably”

Celebrating Sustainapalooza 2016

Laurelin: Hello, everyone! Madi and I are back to introduce our guest blogger, Lauren! Madi: Lauren is an Honors student working with the Live Green! Initiative this semester, and we’re very happy to have her help covering Sustainapalooza! Laurelin: Before we dive into Lauren’s article, we’d first like to take a moment to thank theContinue reading “Celebrating Sustainapalooza 2016”

National Campus Sustainability Day 2015

On a beautiful Thursday morning, 35 organizations arrived on the south library lawn. Spirits were high as each table set up fluttering banners and colorful displays. Students and faculty members in the area slowed their pace as they walked by the celebration and entered the bustling crowd, curious about the lively scene. They quickly learned thatContinue reading “National Campus Sustainability Day 2015”

College Creek Cleanup 2015!

College Creek runs right through the heart of our beloved Iowa State University campus. It flows past Lied Recreational Center, the Memorial Union, and then dives under Lincoln way and continues to meander through campus. It is a central component to our thriving ecosystem and watershed here in Ames and is home to a varietyContinue reading “College Creek Cleanup 2015!”

Clothing Purchases You Can Feel Good About

Ethical shopping has become increasingly important after recent tragedies in garment factories. With high-end fashions showing this week it’s easy to want to give your wardrobe a makeover, but you can stay chic while considering sustainability in these easy ways! Swap, Don’t Drop! Get a group of friends together to reinvigorate your wardrobe by hostingContinue reading “Clothing Purchases You Can Feel Good About”

13 Easy Changes to Green Any Holiday Celebration

Green In the Celebration From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, this time of year is full of celebration. Keep sustainability in mind throughout your holiday season by greening your gala! 1. Healthier You, Healthier Holidays Remember social sustainability during the holidays! Think about what you eat! Even though it’s easy to indulge, try smaller meals throughoutContinue reading “13 Easy Changes to Green Any Holiday Celebration”