August: Moving Green

 Welcome back to school, Cyclones! This is Molly and Maddie here from the Live Green Ten Year Anniversary. As some of you are “moving in,” we are excited to invite all of you to MOVE GREEN this month as we kick-off the Live Green! Ten Year Anniversary monthly themes and events. Our Ten Year AnniversaryContinue reading “August: Moving Green”

Iowa State University is Celebrating 10 Years of Living Green!

Hello, Cyclones!! My name is Molly Breen, and I am here with Maddie Blandin. We are Strategic Initiatives Interns for the Iowa State University Live Green! Initiative. The Live Green! Initiative is celebrating its ten-year anniversary THIS year, and we are so excited to celebrate Ten Years of Living Green with all of you! LiveContinue reading “Iowa State University is Celebrating 10 Years of Living Green!”

RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season

Hello, everyone! My name is Laurelin, and I’m a Special Initiatives intern in the Office of Sustainability! I’m back today with a wrap-up post on the Rummage RAMPage, a city-wide rummage sale that helped divert household items from the landfill while raising money for local nonprofits! Check out the rest of the post to learnContinue reading “RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season”

Celebrating Earth Month at Iowa State

Our wonderful Honors student, Lauren Young, is back writing a blog on her Earth Month experience! In celebration of the many sustainable activities that go on in the Ames community throughout the month of April, Live Green! creates a comprehensive calendar that highlights events at ISU and in Ames, and The Green Umbrella holds aContinue reading “Celebrating Earth Month at Iowa State”

How to Move-Out Sustainably

After writing a wonderful blog post on Sustainapalooza, Honors student Lauren Young is back with a new article on moving out sustainably!  If you’re leaving Ames for the summer then be sure to check out these helpful tips on cleaning out your residence hall room or apartment! Hello, I’m back again! My name is Lauren Young, and IContinue reading “How to Move-Out Sustainably”

Celebrate Earth Week!

It’s time to celebrate Earth Week! Earth Day started in 1970 as an opportunity for an educational moment, where the public could come together and learn more about the earth, the environment, and how behaviors might impact both of these things. Earth Week is a special time of year marked to reflect on personal habitsContinue reading “Celebrate Earth Week!”

Green Your Student Organization

How Can My Student Organization Be Sustainable? Remember that your organization can be sustainable in a lot of ways! Your organization can be environmentally sustainable and use best practices that have the lowest impact on our planet. Your organization can be economically sustainable and use your budget wisely. Your organization can be socially sustainable andContinue reading “Green Your Student Organization”

7 Easy Ways to Celebrate The Summer Sustainably!

As you head into summer break, don’t forget to keep living green! From food to fuel, here are seven tips to help make your summer more sustainable. 1.  OPEN THE WINDOWS The summer months can be hot, but on the days that it’s bearable, turn off the central air conditioning, throw open the windows andContinue reading “7 Easy Ways to Celebrate The Summer Sustainably!”

Keep Your Dorm Room Sustainable Over Break!

Are you leaving your dorm room? Whether it’s a weekend mini-vacation or a tropical week-long getaway remember to do a few things to save energy and keep your room sustainable while you’re away! Close and lock your windows. Don’t make your thermostat work in overdrive while you’re gone, even if you think the weather mightContinue reading “Keep Your Dorm Room Sustainable Over Break!”

Sustaining Spring Break

In a week, a lot of us will be heading to the coasts or to slopes outside of the flat Iowa terrain we know and love. While it’ll be quite easy to leave school and the daily work grind behind us as we reach our destinations, don’t forget to have a sustainable spring break. WhetherContinue reading “Sustaining Spring Break”