Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle Market Comes to Ames!

Hello –   My name is Sindhuja Ram and I am a proud member of the Live Green! Leadership Team at Iowa State University, and I’ve served as a Special Initiatives Intern over the summer and the fall 2016 semester. Even though this event happened during the summer, I’d encourage you to consider reused, re-purposed andContinue reading “Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle Market Comes to Ames!”

RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season

Hello, everyone! My name is Laurelin, and I’m a Special Initiatives intern in the Office of Sustainability! I’m back today with a wrap-up post on the Rummage RAMPage, a city-wide rummage sale that helped divert household items from the landfill while raising money for local nonprofits! Check out the rest of the post to learnContinue reading “RAMPing Up Sustainability: “Greening” the July Move Out Season”

I Pledge to be Sustainable

Madi: Hello everyone!  Laurelin and I are back with one final blog post for you all! Laurelin: The year has sadly come to an end and while I won’t miss the stress of finals and classes, I’m definitely going to miss working as a Live Green! intern. Madi: To wrap things up and bring the blogContinue reading “I Pledge to be Sustainable”

Celebrating Earth Month at Iowa State

Our wonderful Honors student, Lauren Young, is back writing a blog on her Earth Month experience! In celebration of the many sustainable activities that go on in the Ames community throughout the month of April, Live Green! creates a comprehensive calendar that highlights events at ISU and in Ames, and The Green Umbrella holds aContinue reading “Celebrating Earth Month at Iowa State”

How to Move-Out Sustainably

After writing a wonderful blog post on Sustainapalooza, Honors student Lauren Young is back with a new article on moving out sustainably!  If you’re leaving Ames for the summer then be sure to check out these helpful tips on cleaning out your residence hall room or apartment! Hello, I’m back again! My name is Lauren Young, and IContinue reading “How to Move-Out Sustainably”

Bokashi Composting Basics: The Food Waste Solution for the Sustainable College Student

Ask yourself this question: How many times do you take your trash out in a single month? Once? Twice? Three times? Even four? Why does it matter how much waste we throw away? Waste in landfills releases methane and CO2, which has an impact on global climate change1. We also end up throwing away beneficialContinue reading “Bokashi Composting Basics: The Food Waste Solution for the Sustainable College Student”

Celebrating Sustainapalooza 2016

Laurelin: Hello, everyone! Madi and I are back to introduce our guest blogger, Lauren! Madi: Lauren is an Honors student working with the Live Green! Initiative this semester, and we’re very happy to have her help covering Sustainapalooza! Laurelin: Before we dive into Lauren’s article, we’d first like to take a moment to thank theContinue reading “Celebrating Sustainapalooza 2016”

Green Your Student Organization

How Can My Student Organization Be Sustainable? Remember that your organization can be sustainable in a lot of ways! Your organization can be environmentally sustainable and use best practices that have the lowest impact on our planet. Your organization can be economically sustainable and use your budget wisely. Your organization can be socially sustainable andContinue reading “Green Your Student Organization”

Green Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that elicits dread in some, happiness in others, anger in a few, and panic in many.  With all of this worrying about what you’ll do on the most lovey-dovey holiday of the year, it can be easy to forget about keeping your celebration sustainable! Send a Paperless Card!  Don’t wasteContinue reading “Green Your Valentine’s Day”

Green Your Resolutions

It’s a new year, and everyone is making their resolutions! You might have already made a list of personal resolutions, but have you made a list of sustainable resolutions? Try to better yourself and your community by making a few green goals this year! It can be hard to stick to any resolution, so manageContinue reading “Green Your Resolutions”