I Pledge to be Sustainable

Madi: Hello everyone!  Laurelin and I are back with one final blog post for you all! Laurelin: The year has sadly come to an end and while I won’t miss the stress of finals and classes, I’m definitely going to miss working as a Live Green! intern. Madi: To wrap things up and bring the blogContinue reading “I Pledge to be Sustainable”

How to Move-Out Sustainably

After writing a wonderful blog post on Sustainapalooza, Honors student Lauren Young is back with a new article on moving out sustainably!  If you’re leaving Ames for the summer then be sure to check out these helpful tips on cleaning out your residence hall room or apartment! Hello, I’m back again! My name is Lauren Young, and IContinue reading “How to Move-Out Sustainably”

Bokashi Composting Basics: The Food Waste Solution for the Sustainable College Student

Ask yourself this question: How many times do you take your trash out in a single month? Once? Twice? Three times? Even four? Why does it matter how much waste we throw away? Waste in landfills releases methane and CO2, which has an impact on global climate change1. We also end up throwing away beneficialContinue reading “Bokashi Composting Basics: The Food Waste Solution for the Sustainable College Student”

Shopping for a Deeper Cause: Nice-Cycling

Holiday season is rapidly coming upon us and ‘tis the season of giving and decorating. While it’s easy to purchase new goods for the holidays, why not take a little time and give deeper? Nice-cycling is a new term with a long history that, in a nutshell, allows a purchaser to give new life toContinue reading “Shopping for a Deeper Cause: Nice-Cycling”

Keep Your Dorm Room Sustainable Over Break!

Are you leaving your dorm room? Whether it’s a weekend mini-vacation or a tropical week-long getaway remember to do a few things to save energy and keep your room sustainable while you’re away! Close and lock your windows. Don’t make your thermostat work in overdrive while you’re gone, even if you think the weather mightContinue reading “Keep Your Dorm Room Sustainable Over Break!”

Sustaining Your Spring Break – 6 Ways to Live the Local Culture

If someone were to take a spring break trip to Ames, you’d probably tell them to try pizza from Jeff’s or Black Market, to get coffee from Stomping Grounds or Arcadia, to shop on Main Street or spend an afternoon at Reiman Gardens. You’d want them to have an experience that is unique to Ames.Continue reading “Sustaining Your Spring Break – 6 Ways to Live the Local Culture”

Sustaining Spring Break

In a week, a lot of us will be heading to the coasts or to slopes outside of the flat Iowa terrain we know and love. While it’ll be quite easy to leave school and the daily work grind behind us as we reach our destinations, don’t forget to have a sustainable spring break. WhetherContinue reading “Sustaining Spring Break”