Welcome to Live Green!

Hey there, Iowa Staters and other interested readers! Welcome to our Live Green! Initiative blog, where we keep you updated on our events on campus, sustainability around the world, and encourage you to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life.

Pictured above is our 2022-2023 team of interns with Director of Sustainability, Merry Rankin. Each of us brings different strengths and skills to the team, but we’re all working diligently together to promote the field of sustainability in all three facets (environmental, economic, and social) and empower others to enact small (or big!) changes in their lifestyles and to think more about sustainability while out and about on campus and in the world. We hope this blog will be a source of inspiration as well as practical tips and tricks!

If you’ve got sustainability questions or topics you’d like us to cover, send an email to livegreen@iastate.edu. We are excited to hear your ideas and questions, and to have you “aboard” on this journey!